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Dr. Syde A. Taheri's Profile

Syde A. Taheri, M.D., is a retired cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, a clinical professor, and an award-winning inventor of products that range from medical devices to disposable soles for golfers.  Photo of Dr. Syde A. Taheri, MD  He is invited worldwide to speak with fellow surgeons about his innovative, life-saving treatments including regenerating the heart muscle of heart-attack patients and repairing aneurysms.

Dr. Taheriís medical and health-related inventions target the growing need for sensitive, minimally invasive treatments for patients afflicted with heart and vascular diseases.

  He is currently custom-designing products for medical technology companies including AccuMED Technologies Inc., and Dr. Taheri welcomes the challenge of creating new products for your business.

Dr. Taheri Honored by Vascular Societies; Device Used in Buffalo

Professor Syde A. Taheri, M.D., was honored by the Western New York Vascular Society and Rochester Vascular Society in May, 2008.  Dr. Taheri says this achievement is especially important to him because he is being honored by his local peers.

This honor follows the first time Taheri's life-saving Talent Stent Graft is used in the Buffalo area, which Taheri calls home.

Dr. Taheri Receives Achievement in Health Care Award from D'Youville College

Syde A. Taheri, M.D., graciously accepts a 2006 D'Youville College Achievement in Health Care Award on Wednesday, March 15, 2006.   Dr. Taheri was nominated for this award for his "distinguished work and inventions designed for treatment of patients with thoracic and cardiac disease."  He is one of two people selected for this prestigious annual award.




Photo of award received by Dr. Taheri    

Dr. Taheri Receives International Award

for Inventing Life-Saving Medical Device

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Dr. Syde A. Taheri, MD, is an award-winning inventor and respected surgeon who can help your business devise a cutting-edge medical, health-related or recreational product.   Click here to see Dr. Taheri's inventions for sale.  Click here to learn how Dr. Taheri can custom-design a new invention for you.