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Aortic Arch Device

The device allows a minimally-invasive approach to treating patients at risk of – or suffering from – thoracic aneurysms, stroke or trauma.  Learn more.


Disposable Golf Sole

This portable, disposable planter allows golfers to use a standard shoe as a golf shoe by simply adding this device to their shoes.  Learn more.

Core-Warming Device

This is a plastic, disposable device that helps warm the inside of a patient’s body during and after major surgery.  It would greatly improve the current, superficial method of using a heavy blanket on patients whose body temperatures are dropping from within.  Learn more.

Fun Fries

Under this patented concept, standard fries are injected with liquefied vegetables.  The taste remains similar to standard fries, and Fun Fries also become multi-colored, depending on the natural color of the vegetable inserted into the fries.  Learn more.

Portable Jet-Flow System

The Portable Jet-Flow System is a bag-like device that provides a gentle whirlpool massage to the leg.  It can relieve discomfort and help clean the wounds of individuals with leg ulcers.  Learn more.